Manifestation for Office Glass Doors & Partitions

Glass awareness markings for office interior glass

Crash & Smash

It’s every business owner’s nightmare: someone walks straight into the office’s glass partition and has a nasty cut!

According to the Building Regulations 2010 (K), section 5.2, mandates that all transparent glazing put up in areas where people are likely to come in contact with it while moving in or about the building should have features that make it visible; and by so doing prevent people from crashing into them. See the regulations document here.

More than just plain glass

That large glass door that leads into your office building can serve as more than just plain glass; frosting and contra vision effects can be applied to add corporate logo and branding to plain glass. They also obscure the view from the outside, as seen in these photos from our previous projects:


Snowflake effect office glass manifestation

Logo & branding glass manifestation

Glass frosting with logo lettering


Office glass frosting with logo branding

Glass frosting with logo & promotional message

Glass frosting with logo lettering

Textured Glass Manifestation

Obscuring a plain glass partition

Glass manifestation for a row of office cubibles

Office meeting room glass obscurity

Let us know if we can help with manifestations for your commercial glass doors, windows and partitions.